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NaturUp India

NaturUp™ is an Indian company committed to developing revolutionary natural products that enhance your life in a positively delicious and healthy way. We believe eating well is the key to living well.The trend towards eating good is growing all over the world. People are demanding more from the food they put into their bodies.

Mojo Days Social Media Posters


MOJO DAYS includes of a team of passionate travel experts that brings forth experience and expertise to match one’s travel needs. We provide all-inclusive packages to unique destinations with remarkable quality in services.

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Adona Diamonds

Adona diamonds came into life 20 years back when a young professor from Kerala had a dream to bring a glint of sparkle into people’s lives. Molly Babu gave birth to the idea of bringing bespoke diamonds to Kerala with select customers operating right from her home. From building a manufacturing unit to sourcing conflict-free diamonds and thenceforth building a long-lasting relationship with each and every customer, this ingenious took the customized jewelry business to a whole new level.



Friday Fresh Group of companies is an assimilation of many likeminded persons who have an inclination towards researching and manufacturing of many innovative products in diversified fields such as perfumes to organic innerwear to LED lights.

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