Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India



We live in a digital era where almost all of us spend most of our time on screen. In this boundless digital world, businesses have found a way to establish reach within the consumer community. Most of the businesses tended to gain reach through traditional marketing mediums like television and paper, however, doing so digitally makes their service or product reach millions ensuring that their business scores more customers resulting in higher profits. If you are a business owner, here are the Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India so that you can expand your business’s influence over a huge mass.


Marketing masala is a well-known digital marketing agency based in India. Involved in growth hacking and have been working with growing Start-ups and brands across 4 continents. A few of the services in which they shine are User acquisition, Conversion rate optimization and lead generation. They also provide services like Paid media, Content marketing, SEO and Growth hacking. Some of the popular niches they work with include eCommerce, mobile apps and SaaS products.

Popular Clients: – App Radar, Circus Social, FMCG Mobile and many more.


2. FUEL4MEDIA – Noida

They are a digital service agency which has an extensive number of services. Provides digital marketing services like SEO, PPC management, E-commerce marketing services, Social media marketing and many others and provides a vast number of other services ranging from blockchain to web development plus mobile app development. They also provide services like e-commerce solutions and Appstore optimisation. All in all, this company is a powerhouse of services.

Popular Clients: – Safehead inc, KJ Blankett, and Ginni Systems.



Apro IT Solutions is a digital marketing and web designing company established in India. They provide services like SEO, Social marketing, Mobile marketing, PPC management, web design and web development services. They have a tough focus on business requirements and Return of investment plus they are very swift when it comes to responding to the client’s needs. Along with all these services. they provide useful tools like URL shortener and SEO status checker. Some of the other services they provide along with these are logo design and creative content generation.

Popular Clients: – NaturUp, Jacme, Adona Diamonds, Friday Fresh Perfumes, Lookstore India and many more


4. XOOM SOLUTIONS – Ahmedabad

Xoom solutions is another digital service provider based in India which provides various Digital services including digital marketing, software development and DevOps. They provide all sorts of digital marketing services like SEO, social media advertising, and various others, plus they provide quality traffic and profitable return of investments and also provide other quality services like Copywriting and editing, adding up with photography and imaging if you are involved in those too.

Popular Clients:- Exigo source, RF Rain, Vytal, Compare my fare, and Nigerian soccer league.



Conversion perk is a content marketing company based in India. They provide up-to-date, pay per click services that includes all aspects like Market research to competitors research and audience estimation. Providing services like social media marketing, SEO, Crowdfunding marketing and email marketing Conversion Perk is one of the best digital marketing company. They provide you with PPC experts who can help you run the most efficient Google Adwords search campaigns, display network campaigns, YouTube video campaigns, Network campaigns and many other assistances.

Popular Clients:- SEO Site Checkup, Private School review, Peru Best Tours, and Big Boys Garage Toys


6. WEB CURES DIGITAL – Ahmedabad

Web Cures Digital is a digital service provider based in India which provides various services including digital marketing. They provide various digital marketing services like Local SEO, Map search optimisation, Link building and content building, PPC management and Social media marketing. As a leading digital marketing company, they also provide web designing services. Another thing to be appreciated is their excellent consultation services provided by them which is exceptional.

Popular Clients:-  Venzee, Valuecare Pharmacy, and Town sports posters.


7. SHOUTNHIKE – Ahmedabad

Shoutnhike is an Indian digital service provider which provides a wide range of digital marketing services which includes Social media marketing, SEO, Local business promotion, Conversion optimisation, and PPC management. They provide quality traffic into your business. As a digital service provider, they also provide additional services like website development and web design. Provide you with measurable results and with strong return of investments.

Popular Clients:- Avirahi, Livonta Global, Pharma Tech Expo, Collon made, and Lofty Building Group.


8. MANUSH DIGITECH – Janakpuri

They are a digital service provider established here in India. Manush Digitech provide various digital marketing services specific for doctors and real estate. Also involved with providing social media marketing and PPC management and SEO services as well. Web designing for specific purposes is also provided here. They have a no contract policy so that you can cancel at any time.

Popular Clients:- ONREZ, iSecuro, Lok Kalyan Samiti, and IK London Hotel.


9. EVENDIGIT – Indore

They are a digital service provider based in India. Evendigit provides various services including digital marketing. Their digital marketing services includes SEO, social marketing, email marketing, content creation, video adds etc. This company ensure a significant number of leads plus tools to review and monitor your ROI. Like others they also provide web developing services.

Popular Clients:- GenWorks Health, Australia Wide Annexes, Benvenuto, Altzen, and Bael wellness.


10. OBELISK INFOTECH – Chandigarh

This is another company that provides digital services including digital marketing as a part of it. They provide social media marketing and SEO services. Even though their marketing services are limited to these two, they have shown extreme perfection on the same. Similar to the others they provide other services like web design, web development and graphic design.

Popular Clients :- Astoria Hotels, Lituk, Amazon Discovery, Dana Australia and many more


So there you go. These are the Top 10 digital marketing companies in India.

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